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victor dolz
* Begur (Girona), 1945
In the paintings of Victor Dolz appear elderly persons, sick bodies in wheelchairs or beggars on the streets. His way of portraying, undress the characters presenting their most weak side. The paintings are a look into their souls to denounce abandonment, misery and decrepitude. Unsuccessful beings, dramatic moments, bloodstained glances. His paintings of expressionist strokes could well be considered within a black tradition that starts in Spain with the paintings of Goya and flares up in other places with painters like Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Chaim Soutine and even Georg Baselitz.
Victor Dolz’s vision is part of the brutal reality of society, pretending to hide it as if it wasn’t part of the everyday life. He gets under the skin of the portrayed persons and revieves them, visualizing the unanswered questions of the individuals he paints. Without pretending to be provocative, his paintings  provoke strong reactions by the viewers because of the way they are captured by the glace of the portrayed individuals.