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encarna monteagudo
*1960, Fuentealbilla, Albacete
The University of Valencia awarded Encarna Monteagudo a doctorate in fine arts in 1991 after she had finished her education as scupltor by forming part of artist’s studios such as Enrique Mestre's, Angel Bados', Juan Hidalgo's and Antoni Muntadas'. She had her first individual exhibition in 1981 and since then has presented her work in different art galleries and spaces throughout Europe.
Her sculptures and two-dimensional works reaffirm her influences by geometry and constructivism and her interest in the analysis of space. She uses materials she considers to be „noble“ and intrinsicly emotionally loaded, whereas she parts with those potentially confusing with their appearance.
Since 2009 she works with a selfcreated symbolism, in which the colors most used by her, like gold, silver, copper, black and white are given an unusual validity. It’s this kind of new order that helps her go beyond abstraction and inside emotional ranges of meaning.