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Ignacio Llamas

Light silences.   from 27 January to 29 March 2019

The gallery 100 Kubik presents works by the renowned artist Ignacio Llamas (*1970, Toledo) as the prelude to the new year. Highlights of the exhibition "Schweigen des Lichts" are the large-format and spectacular photographs from the series "Die Stille einkreisen".
Light and space are the essential elements of his works, which with their poetic character invite the viewer on a journey into his inner being by silencing the exterior noises. A reflection on the inner and outer emotional world is the result of this journey. The artist independently constructs all the elements depicted in his photographs. Atmospheric images that transcend the temporal and the physical are the result.
The gallery 100 Kubik has been exhibiting Ignacio Llamas at national and international trade fairs for quite some time and in 2017 realized the artist's first solo exhibition in Germany. The success and the great demand is reason enough to start the year 2019 with another exhibition of the artist!
Harmonious spaces, immersed in all possible shades of grey, silence and the absence of man are processed by Llamas on both a two- and three-dimensional level. Through the constant connection of different fields of plastic art with photography, Llamas manages to communicate his art with the viewer not only through the individual, isolated work: The viewer is always part of the artist's spatial concept and with it his own unique world.
For Llamas, "the essential function of art is the mediation of content, i.e. of what is immortal in man and what allows him to establish a relationship to the absolute. This content, through which something of being is conveyed, directly affects the mind. The work of art is to be made into an inner journey, a journey into the heart of mankind. The journey is first carried out by the artist as creator and then by the viewer".
In addition to the large-format photographs, smaller ones from the series Einsamkeit will also be exhibited. Small metal objects, which the artist has printed with photographs, round off the exhibition.
Ignacio Llamas was awarded the prize of the "Association of Spanish Art Critics" in 2016 and his work is now represented in many important Spanish collections and museums.