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ignacio llamas
silences of light
January 27th - March 29th 2019
Light and space are the essential elements of Ignacio Llamas' photographs, which, with their poetic character, invite the viewer to a journey inside, silencing the outside noises. The reflection on the internal and external emotional world is the result of this journey.
The artist constructs all the elements of his photographs and thus obtains atmospheric images that transcend the temporal and the physical. His work has been awarded the Prize of the Association of Spanish Art Critics and is represented in important collections and museums in Spain.
carlos albert waldo balart lluís cera eduardo chillida gerard fernández gonzalo fuentes cristina ghetti matías krahn
the colours of the geometry
group exhibition
January 27th - March 29th 2019
The exhibition presents the works of the following artists: Carlos Albert, Waldo Balart, Lluís Cera, Eduardo Chillida, Gerard Fernández, Cristina Ghetti, Gonzalo Fuentes and Matías Krahn.
All of them are concerned about geometric forms, but starting from different positions.  The exhibition shows works ranging from pure mathematics and optical illusions to emotional and abstract geometry.