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álvaro martínez-alonso
My grandfather's vest, a wooden stick, 12 almonds from my village and other objects with uncalculable value
June 23rd - August 25th
Álvaro Martínez Alonso's exhibition (*1983, Burgos) wants to be understood as an invitation to think about the value we give those objects that accompany us throughout our paths. It's an inventory that embraces some of the goods that the artist captures as his inheritance. It contains 127 goods that have a special significance to the artist because of their symbolism.
gonzalo fuentes
June 23rd - august 25th
Gonzalo Fuentes (*1991, Málaga) presents his new series "Mixtapes". The artsworks are compositions of different architectural spaces which overlap and therefore form a unit. The work's painted plane introduces itself as a playful and accessible space of reflection which is capable of presenting himself to the spectator in multiple forms.